Term of Service

1. Preamble

Terms and Conditions below should be read before using this site. These Terms and Conditions must be read periodically. The Terms & Conditions constitute agreements outlined in a valid agreement between the User and Deskby. Use of this site indicates acceptance and compliance with the Terms and Conditions below. If the user does not approve any, part or all of the Terms & Conditions, then the user may not use the service at Deskby. The following Terms and Conditions apply to users of Deskby and other Deskby services. By accessing, using and participating in our service, then you (Either "Customer" or "Partner") agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions below and other terms of provision relating to this site, including but not limited to confidentiality and FAQ, which is a part that can not be separated from the Terms and Conditions.

You must at least be 18 years old to use this site. Please note that We may modify, add, and delete these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. By continuing to use the Site following any changes to these Terms and Conditions, visitors, or Registered Users understand and accept such changes.

2. Definitions

"DESKBY" (We, Our, Us) is a Service Provider that accommodates its users to find and rent a workspace online. Deskby displays various workspaces in the form of sharing/dedicated desks, meeting rooms, event spaces, and serviced offices that are listed by the space owner. Workspaces are available in various forms such as co-working spaces, office buildings, to restaurants spread from Jakarta and will continue expanding across Indonesia. Users can rent the workspace from hourly to per-year according to the rental period displayed by the Partner.

"Site" is the official site of Deskby i.e. www.deskby.com

"Online Booking" is the workspace setup through the deskby site

"Workspace" is a workspace in the form of sharing desk, dedicated desk, meeting room, and serviced office that can be ordered by the User through Deskby

"Sharing Desk" is a workspace in the form of a working station that is not dedicated only to specific user, it is first come first served basis

"Dedicated Desk" is a dedicated desk only to one user

"Meeting Room" is a room designed in such a way that the purpose of use is to conduct meetings

"Event Space" is a room designed in such a way with the aim of the use is to carry out the event

"Serviced Office" is a workspace consisting of several work station that can only be used and dedicated to the tenant of the space only

"Customer " is the user who made a reservation of workspace on the Deskby site

"Partner" is a user who leases his workspace on the Deskby website

"Booking Time" means the date and time of rental of the Workspace booked through the Deskby service

"Listing" is a workspace registered by the Partner and available for reservation through the Deskby website

"Space Page" is a web page that displays workspace information

"Maximum Capacity" means the maximum number of people that can be accommodated/use the Partner Workspace

"Per-Hour" is a choice of rental rates for workspace for 60 minutes and multiples. The availability of this tariff option depends on the Partner as the workspace owner.

"Per-Day" is a choice of rental rates for workspace for 24 hours usage or following opening hours up to hours of workspace closing and multiplication. The availability of this tariff option depends on the Partner as the workspace owner.

"Per-Month" is the choice of rental rate for workspace for 28/29/30/31 (depending on the duration of the month on the Roman calendar) working days and multiples. The availability of this tariff option depends on the Partner as the workspace owner.

"Annually" is a choice of rental rates for workspace for 12 months usage and multiplication applies. The availability of this tariff option depends on the Partner as the workspace owner.

3. General Terms

Deskby is an intermediary; Deskby's relationship with Partner is a partnership, agency or distributor relationship. Deskby is a Technology Company to Rent and Book Working Space online. Deskby only has the authority to carry out to market registered works space. By using the Our Site, you agree to make right all the latest truthful information. We do not responsible for any false information provided by the User. We may hold you accountable for any losses resulting from false information provided.

Deskby shall not be liable for Customer losses caused by Partners. Deskby shall not be liable for any Customer losses experienced in the Partner's Workspace under lease. Deskby shall not be liable for any damage to the facilities owned by the Partners resulting from rental activities through Deskby. By using the Deskby site you agree to be fully responsible for any damage to the system device/computer or your data loss resulting from the user of our site. You understand and agree that the full use of the sites and transactions you perform is at your own risk. Any indemnity or warranty of any kind provided by the Partner caused by faulty Partner is the responsibilities of Partner and are not our responsibility.

Deskby always appreciates and rewards users by giving promotions in accordance with our policy. Against such promotions you are prohibited from selling, exchanging, or transferring such promotions with any money or merchandise.


4. How to Order

In using Our Services, you can book workspace online through Deskby Site.

By accessing, using and participating in our service, then you (either "Customer" or "Partner") agree to be bound to the Terms and Conditions below and the other terms and conditions relating to this site, including but not limited to the confidentiality and FAQ, which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. You are not charged for opening and registering Deskby.

In booking or listing through Deskby, you may create a Deskby account first. When you register, Deskby will ask for your complete and correct personal information. You may only make a booking if you have completed all of your personal information. You are expected to update your personal information as early as possible when data changes. After registering, you will be given a Deskby Account. In having a Deskby Account, you can only have one Account. Deskby account can only be used by yourself. You should not divert your Deskby account to others. You must keep your Account safe from others. Any bookings made, you are regarded as legitimate customers and are responsible for it unless you notify Us before Partners provides services that have been ordered.

If you can no longer control your account,  you may inform us via the contact us form, WhatsApp (+6281 5915 0448), or the chatbox found on the site Deskby. When we receive information from you then we will disable the account.

You may only place an order if you have registered on the Deskby website and have completed all of your personal information completely and correctly.


5. Modifications

Deskby reserves the right to modify Deskby website, or modify any of the terms contained in Deskby, including these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.


6. Price

Deskby always strives to provide the best price to you. If you find sites or other applications that offer similar workspace similar to our listing at a lower price, ask you to inform us.

The prices listed may have special Terms and Conditions, so before you book your workspace you should pay special attention to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

The price listed on our listing inclusive taxes you owe to Us. Please note that the prices listed in the listing may change at any time.


7. Payment

Deskby will show you the total cost you have to pay. You are expected to report to Deskby if a Partner charges extra fees for services you have paid in advance through the Deskby.

Currently, Deskby only accepts payments via Bank Transfer (ATM / SMS Banking / e-Banking / Bank Teller) only. Make sure that the transferred amount is sent to the account named "PT Indohome Media", and NOT on behalf of the person.

You agree that you are will pay all your bills in full. Payment


8. Indemnification

The circumstances in which the Customer may be liable for damages are in the event of non-conformity in the rent that the Partner accrues or the facilities and availability of the room displayed in the Deskby with the original conditions in the paid space.

The forms of compensation are:

· Replaces a rented workspace with a space that has the same minimal capacity, facilities, and price;

If you wish to indemnify, you may inform us via the contact us form, WhatsApp (+65 8184 6070), or the chatbox located on the Deskby website by informing you of the reason for your indemnification request. We will immediately inform you when your compensation request is received.


9. Cancellation of Rental Room Policy

Paid workspace cannot be canceled. If you wish to cancel the use of the workspace, the fees paid are not refundable.


10. Policy for Customer

In using the Workspace Customer is prohibited:

· Does not comply with the rules of use of space specified by Host;

· Make dirty room;

· Destructive facilities and infrastructure;

· To commit immorality;

· Applicable not to Partner;

· To commit an offense or a criminal offense in the space used;

· Use of workspace for political activities, provocative activities, radical activities, racism-like activities, activities that trigger national disintegration, and other activities that threaten the security and comfort of other Partners or Customers.


11. Policy for Partners

In the lease of the Workspace, Partners are prohibited:

· Provide a workspace that does not match the listing ordered by the Customer

· Performing immorality against the Customer

· Applies impolite to Customer

· Forcing Customers to give a positive review of the room rented

· Do things that may cause the Customer to be in dangerous or dangerous circumstances

· Request fees beyond the costs listed in the listing

· Allowing Customer to do the forbidden in this Terms of Use


12. Licensing

PT. Indohome Media is a Company that has been recognized as a Legal Entity with Letter of Legal Entitlement by Ministry of Law and Human Rights. PT. Indohome Media also has a Business License in accordance with the activities carried out; the Company has also been registered with the Ministry of Trade.


13. Disputes

By using our Services, you agree that any Law of the Republic of Indonesia will govern these Terms and Conditions. Keeping the good faith, disputes or claims related to your loss is limited to the fault of the Deskby on system errors will be resolved by way of kinship by each party.


14. Force Majeure

We shall not be liable to you for any violation, obstacle or delay in the execution if there is a force majeure. The classified Force Majeure circumstances are as follows:

· Natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, landslides, disease outbreaks, hurricanes;

· Non-natural disasters, including revolutions, wars, bomb threats;

· Social disaster;

· Mass strike;

· Blockade by local people;

· Fire

· Other industry disturbances as stated by government institutions;

· The existence of changes in government regulations/policies that affect the implementation of the work.

15. Ads

We can serve ads of products and/or services we or advertising of products/services dal am Third Party any form on our website. You have no right to get payment, fees, commissions, and/or others in connection with such advertisements or other promotional materials.


16. Termination

We may terminate your use of the Deskby Website and / or disable your Username and Password. We may also terminate your access to the Deskby Website and / or block your phone number and / or email for any reason, including any breach of these Terms & Conditions in case of a violation of these Terms & Conditions of Use or where if We believe you have violates or acts inconsistent with the terms or conditions applicable herein, or violates any applicable law.

You may terminate these Terms and Conditions by sending a written notification letter in advance by contacting us via our contact us form.


17. Other Decisions

By using our site you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You are prohibited from using Deskby to commit unlawful acts. You may not block, manipulate, or attempt to block the operation of our site.

If you the provisions of these Terms of Service that are considered unlawful, void, or for any reason not applicable under the law of that jurisdiction, such provision shall be deemed to be separate from these terms and conditions.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is void, you will still be required to comply with other terms of the Terms and Conditions or other terms within our application.


This document was last updated on November 27, 2019